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Business School

Aviator Training Center continuously invests in development of new training programs and innovative educational environment for customers and partners. To support the aviation industry in a fastest recovery from the COVID-19 caused crisis, in Summer 2021, Aviator Training Center announced creation of a Business School and launch of the Aviation Business and Management (ABM) program.


Programs are available in Russian or English and will be provided at Training Center Aviator facility in Moscow and on-line platforms. Upon request, the programs might also be arranged in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi) or customer’s premises.

Differences Between Russian and EASA Aviation Legislation for Design and Production of the Aviation Products

The course is conducted in the form of a 2-day training (16 hours), that equips participants with knowledge about the main differences in the relevant Russian and European aviation legislation, especially in the provisions of the Russian FAR-21 and EASA Part-21. Instructor: Vladislav Berlev. Details...


Detailed Course on European Continuing Airworthiness Requirements – EASA Part-M

The course uniqueness is achieved by its practical approach and an opportunity to deeply compare the European continuing airworthiness requirements with traditional Russian standards and other regulatory requirements applied internationally. Instructor: Vladislav Berlev. Details...


Life Cycle Management and Continuing Airworthiness of Aeroengines

The course introduces participants to the definitions and basic principles of Continuing Airworthiness and Life Cycle Management of Aeroengines through real-life examples. Module Instructor: Sergey Moryakov. Details... 

Seminars and conferences

Revolution in Russian Aircraft Commercial Operations: Lessors Perspectives

The seminar is dedicated to the upcoming requirements to register the foreign-made aircraft (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, etc.) commercially operated in Russia in its National Register instead of commonly used Bermuda (VP-B...; VQ-B...) and Ireland (EI-...) Registers. Seminar’s host: Vladislav Berlev.


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Consultancy and Support

If you have not found a suitable module, if you are looking for an individual training program or a professional advice, the Business School team is ready to provide you with the support you need.